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What is Partimage ?

Description: Partimage is a Linux utility which saves partitions having a supported filesystem to an image file. Most Linux and Windows filesystems are supported. The image file can be compressed with the gzip / bzip2 programs to save disk space, and they can be splitted into multiple files to be copied on CDs / DVDs, ... Partitions can also be saved across the network since version 0.6.0 using the partimage network support, or using Samba / NFS. If you don't want to install Partimage, you can download and burn SystemRescueCd. It's a livecd that allows to use Partimage immediately even if your computer has no operating system installed (useful to restore an image), and it allows to save an image on a DVD on the fly.

Partimage will only copy data from the used portions of the partition. For speed and efficiency, free blocks are not written to the image file. This is unlike the 'dd' command, which also copies empty blocks. Partimage also works for large, very full partitions. For example, a full 1 GB partition can be compressed with gzip down to 400MB.

Documentation changelog

  • Revision 1.5: License is now Gnu FDL
  • Revision 1.6: Minor changes
  • Revision 1.7: Partimaged port changed from 13000 to 4025, assigned by IANA
  • Revision 1.8: A new section about Usage / Apple iMac
  • Revision 1.11: A new section about Usage / Backup, update and add images
  • Revision 1.12: New section in FAQ: Does partimage take ACL into account?
  • Revision 1.13: New section in FAQ: What does partimage give you over the following DD...?
  • Revision 1.14: Updates from Nick Veitch
  • Revision 1.15: Minor updates
  • Revision 1.16: Fixed openssl command line
  • Revision 1.17: Updates version to 0.6.1
  • Revision 1.18: Minor updates, update to 0.6.2
  • Revision 1.19: Extracted FAQ section into new file: faq.sgml
  • Revision 1.2: Updated the whole website